Equilibrium Intrest Rate Based on Utility Preferences: The Case of Kosovo Financial System (2024)

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Industrial Marketing Management

Antecedents of salespeople's reluctance to sell radically new products

2010 •

Annukka Jyrämä

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Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management

Product Innovativeness, Customer Newness, and New Product Performance: A Time-Lagged Examination of the Impact of Salesperson Selling Intentions on New Product Performance

2008 •

Willy Bolander

In this time-lagged study, we illuminate the role of the sales force in new product introductions by examining the impact of salespeople’s selling intentions on new product performance. Survey responses from 439 salespeople selling one product and 362 salespeople selling a second product suggest that salespeople’s selling intention is a key mediating variable. In particular, product innovativeness has a positive impact and customer newness has a negative impact on new product performance. However, both variables work indirectly through salespeople’s intention to sell new products. We conclude with managerial implications of our fi ndings and directions for future research.

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Journal of Ecophysiology and Occupational Health

Relationship of New Products Development with Sales Strategy in Isfahan Insurance Companies Esmail Ghaderi1, Samira Taheri2, Mohammad Reza Moradi3, Mohammad Ali Manafzadeh4

2017 •

samira taheri

The present research has been designed and implemented to investigate the relationship between sales strategies and the development of new products in insurance companies in Isfahan. From the perspective of the method, this study is a descriptive study of the type of correlation, in terms of purpose, applied; in terms of collecting information, surveying is a time-cross-sectional one. The statistical population of this study includes 17 active insurance workers in Isfahan city. Reliability of the questionnaire was calculated by Cronbach’s alpha for the sales strategy equal to 0.940 and for the development of new products was 0.768. The final findings of SPSS software showed a significant relationship between the development of new products and their dimensions (technology, management, marketing, and commercialization) with sales strategies in insurance companies, among which the commercialization dimension, Had the highest correlation coefficient with sales strategies.

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Journal of Product Innovation Management

How New Product Introductions Affect Sales Management Strategy: The Impact of Type of "Newness" of the New Product

2003 •

Kamel Micheal

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Sales–marketing encroachment effects on innovation

Tamara Keszey

The role of sales has changed dramatically during the last two decades, with sales becoming increasingly strategic and encroaching on domains that traditionally belong to marketing. Many studies address the role of marketing in new product development (NPD) success, but research on the increasing importance of sales, its changing role and changing dynamics with marketing is scarce. This empirical study of 296 Hungarian firms addresses this gap and shows that the extent to which sales encroaches on marketing's tasks is influenced by interface relations, exchange processes and sales' capabilities. The effect of sales–marketing encroachment on NPD financial success is partially mediated by customer involvement, while its effect on market success is fully mediated by customer involvement. These findings suggest that firms may improve their NPD financial performance by letting sales encroach on marketing tasks, but need to establish customer co-creation initiatives to benefit from sales–marketing encroachment in terms of superior NPD performance compared with competitors.

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Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing

Sales capability creation during new product development – early involvement of sales

Harri Haapasalo

Purpose This study aims to focus on creating sales capability as part of new product development (NPD). The aim is to define generic requirements for building sales capability as a part of NPD and to propose a necessary process by defining key activities for sales readiness. Design/methodology/approach An inductive and qualitative research method was used to construct a sales capability creation process based on a current state analysis in seven companies. Findings The results indicate that the status of companies’ sales-related planning varies during the NPD, and the related activities are not systematically managed. Considering sales early is necessary to enable a smooth and cost-efficient start of sales, and to avoid unnecessary delays and problems in other functions. At the same time, the companies recognise the need for improvement. Originality/value This paper presents a potential process including systematic activities for creating sales capability in conjunction with product...

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14th Annual International Bata Conference

Integrated Systems and Metodologies in Spanish Firms

2017 •

victor gisbert soler

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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

The Impact of Sales Management Changes on New Product Success

1996 •

Linda Rochford

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Research Article Relationship Between New Product Characteristic and Salesperson Adoption in Manufacturing Firms in Kenya

2020 •

Michael Korir

ARTICLE INFO ABSTRACT This study examined the relationship between new product characteristics and new product adoption by the sales force. The specific objectives of the study were to examine the relationship between new product characteristics and product adoption by the sales person. The design of the research was cross sectional survey using the questionnaire to collect data. The target population was 250 sales managers and 550 salespersons, the sample comprised of 122 salespeople judgmentally sampled and 64 sales managers who were randomly sampled from manufacturing firms in Kenya. Data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistical tools. The findings show that there is a high correlation between product characteristics and product adoption by the salespeople. Specifically, relative advantage, compatibility, trialability and communicability showed strong correlation to product adoption by sales people while complexity had no significant relationship with salesperso...

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Journal of Product Innovation Management

The Effect of Sales Force Adoption on New Product Selling Performance

2000 •

Kwaku Atuahene-Gima

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Equilibrium Intrest Rate Based on Utility Preferences: The Case of Kosovo Financial System (2024)
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