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9 inch touch screen tablet

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Table Of Contents 33
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  • Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

  • Important Note

  • Battery Recharge

  • Microsd Card

  • Power Source

  • Power On/Off the Device

  • Connect to Bluetooth

  • Connect to Pc

  • Operation

  • Location of Controls

  • Getting Started

  • Status Bar

  • Application Management

  • Add Alarm

  • Video Conferencing

  • File Manager

  • Google Play Music

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Other Applications

  • Troubleshooting
  • Product Specifications


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Table of Contents


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Summary of Contents for iCraig CMP793-BUN

  • Page 2 Please setup Gmail™ account during initial device setup. If you are going to use a password or a pattern unlock you must have a valid Gmail™ account setup in the event you forget either. Forgot lock pattern? Here's a way to reset it. ...
  • Page 6 This manual contains important safety precautions and information for correct usage. Please be sure to read this manual carefully before use to avoid any damage to the device.  Do not place the product in hot, wet or dusty environments. ...
  • Page 7: Important Note

    IMPORTANT NOTE If the device becomes abnormal, halts, freezes. You can do either one of below two options to recover the device Restart This option will restart your unit (reboot the system) to resume as normal Press and hold “Power On/Off” button more than 12 seconds, follow screen will appear: Select “Restart”...
  • Page 8 Now unit becomes normal Reboot to Recovery This option will reload the firmware to resume as “First purchased unit” WARNING: Reboot to recovery will ERASE all installed data and restore your tablet to when you first purchased unit. It becomes a “NEW TABLET”. 1.
  • Page 9 3.) Following screen will appear, select the option “wipe data/factory reset” 4.) Then enter the following screen which shows the message “Confirm wipe of all user data? THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE.” Select “Yes – delete all user data” 5.) Device will start to reinstall the firmware and wipe out all user data...
  • Page 10 6.) It takes approximate 5 minutes to finish reinstall process. After finish, it shows below screen, select “reboot system now” 7.) System recovery is finished. Your tablet will reboot and load the firmware 8.) Now, reinstall process is finish, your tablet resume as “First purchased unit” NOTE: During reinstall process has the unit plugged into wall outlet;...
  • Page 11: Battery Recharge

    POWER SOURCE: Battery Recharge The device has Recharging a built-in DC 3.7V rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. Recharge as follows:  Insert the micro USB plug from the supplied USB connection cable to the Micro USB jack on the device. Plug the full size USB jack of connection cable to supplied AC/USB Adapter to wall outlet having AC 100-240V~, 50/60 Hz.
  • Page 12: Power On/Off The Device

    Notes: Insert the card (Up to 32GB, not included) into the card slot on right side , The card metal chip for your face To take out the card, press the card until a “click” is heard then pulls out the card. Before replacing the storage card, make sure the unit has been powered off.
  • Page 13: Connect To Bluetooth

    Connections:  Connect to PC A: Connect the Device to the PC via the Micro USB port on the side of cabinet to the USB port on your PC by the supplied connection cable. B: Then the "Connected as a media device” will appear on the top left corner of screen. C: The name“ICRAIG_CMP_793”...
  • Page 14 B: Turn on the “Bluetooth” to “ON” position by sliding the “ON/OFF” button to the right, see fig in below: C: All neighbor Bluetooth device will appear, see fig as below:...
  • Page 15 D: Tap the desired device you want to connect. Tap “Pair” on the pop up screen on both devices. See as below: E: Once is done, you may transfer data, photos, PDF files or even connect Bluetooth speakers for music playback.
  • Page 16: Operation

    KEYBOARD 1. Keyboard 2. USB Connection Cable with Micro USB Plug 3. Case Operation: Insert your tablet to the clips to hold the tablets, the top and right clips are movable. Connect the Micro USB Plug from the Keyboard to Micro USB Port on the left of Tablet.
  • Page 17: Location Of Controls

    For F11 (F12), press the Fn and F1 (F2) buttons at the same time. Location of Controls Front Camera Volume + Button Volume - Button Power On/Off Button Built-in Microphone Headphone Jack Micro USB Port (For battery charging &OTG ) Mini HDMI Port 10.
  • Page 18: Getting Started

    Getting Started On home page, touch the" " button on the bottom middle, the following picture will appear on the screen:...
  • Page 19  Touch the Settings ( ) button on the screen, the setting menu will appear on the screen, then:  Touch on the screen and move up or down to show more selections.  Choose the corresponding button you need to set. The sub-setting menu will appear on the screen, follow on screen instructions.
  • Page 20 DISPLAY Brightness: To adjust the screen brightness by moving the scaling bar. Wallpaper: To choose and set the wallpaper screen. Sleep: To enable sleep mode and select time to sleep while not in operation. Font size: To adjust the display Font Size. HDMI: To open or close HDMI output, and adjust the output screen resize.
  • Page 21: Status Bar

    Status Bar  • The Status Bar lies at At the bottom of the screen. Operation. Below are some advises on how to operate the operation zone:  • By touching the icon, you can get back to the previous screen. ...
  • Page 22: Add Alarm

    Uninstalling Android Applications You can also quickly and easily uninstall the Android applications that you have installed. → Settings →Apps. 1. Touch 2. Touch the application you want to uninstall, → Uninstall. 3. Touch OK to confirm the Uninstall. Clock Touch the Clock application icon.
  • Page 23 BROWSER Users can connect to the Internet through a browser. Touch the browser icon on the apps page , and then you can open the Web browser. CALENDAR Touch the Calendar application icon. For the first time using the Calendar, you need to add a Gmai l account.
  • Page 24: File Manager

    File Manager Touch the Explorer application icon to view the files on all storage devices (Local Disk, SD-ext, USB uhost and Music, Photo, Movies, Ebook and APK), and to quickly & easily install Android application on your Tablet. Touch the “ ”...
  • Page 25 Select the file or folder you want to do action as below, touch and hold the file about 2 seconds, Pop-up menu will display different options File operation as Delete File, Rename File, Copy File, Move(Cut) File, Email File, send by Bluetooth and Property etc. Touch the “Copy File”...
  • Page 26: Google Play Music

    ™ Google Play Music  Using the pre-loaded “Play Music” Player to play audio files: ☆ Audio file formats supported: The “Play Music” player will automatically load the music files from the SD/USB/Local Disk to the playlist after turning on the “Play Music” player. OWL Player ☆...
  • Page 27: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions Android Android™ 5.1.1 Q: What Android OS version is on my Device? Basic Device Functionary Q: Do I have to charge the battery before use? A: You should charge the battery for at least 4 hours, but you can use the device while it’s charging.
  • Page 28: Other Applications

    Other Applications Email , Gmail  Touch into e-mail settings, after entering the email address and password; simply follow the on screen instructions for set up. This application supports IMAP mail (such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail, POP3 mail and Exchange). Tap Menu button on screen to choose and remove email account Google Play Music:...
  • Page 29 OWL Player:  Touch to turn on the video player.  Touch the desired file name to start playing. Social networking This Device has pre-loaded with the most popular social applications for usage. Touch the individual icon to login with pre-registered login name and passwords; otherwise, you may register online by following the on screen instructions.
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting  Cannot power on the Device  Connect the supplied AC/USB Adaptor.  Cannot go online  Check if your Wi-Fi setting is correct, proper password may be needed.  Check if your router is working properly.  Check your signal bar on the Device. It may not be connected due to weak signal. ...
  • Page 31: Product Specifications

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Hardware Configuration: CPU Processing Speed Cortex A9, 1.3GHz QUAD Core processor Memory/ROM 8GB (Internal 2.11GB flash memory has be assigned for Android operating system and pre-loaded Apps, existing 5.89GB flash space is available for further operation needs.) Memory/RAM DDR III 512MB Memory Card Slot Micro SD card(Supports up to 32GB), not included...

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ICRAIG CMP793-BUN OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download (2024)
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