Who called you from 8882470125 (+18882470125) 2 ? (2024)

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72 months ago

Financial services reported by 70.185.210.xxx

Saint Francis Billing Department

72 months ago

Financial services reported by 184.178.234.xxx

Saint Francis Billing Department

72 months ago

Financial services reported by ajuga

bad number

75 months ago

Financial services reported by 70.177.123.xxx

St Francis Hospital inquiring on billing they send. I called and they were courteous. I had no problems. Now if they call again I will change this rating due to resolved issue and should not hear from them again.

75 months ago

Unsolicited call reported by 70.189.92.xxx

unwanted call

78 months ago

Debt collector reported by 107.242.113.xxx

medical billing

78 months ago

Financial services reported by 107.77.200.xxx

st. Francis

79 months ago

Debt collector reported by 66.87.72.xxx

Just a recording, leaves a partial voicemail

79 months ago

Debt collector reported by 70.215.194.xxx

debt collector

80 months ago

Debt collector reported by TPeck

Endless calling!

85 months ago

no one there (Silent call) reported by Bynx

They called. I answered. They hung up instantly without saying anything. I called back and it doesn't even ring. WTF!!!

87 months ago

Debt collector reported by 74.195.144.xxx

medical billing

90 months ago

Company reported by twg

St Francis Hospital Billing

90 months ago

Debt collector reported by Tatanka

Trying to collect a debt of somebody else. Told them multiple times they had the wrong number to which one caller said I was lying.

97 months ago

Debt collector reported by St. Francis Hospital

this is a collection call from the billing and recovery office.

101 months ago

Call centre reported by St. Francis bill center

just a recording only

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Who called you from 8882470125 (+18882470125) 2 ? (2024)
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